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Thor: Love and Thunder Jane Foster Cosplay Costume C00870

Behold Thor and all HER glory!! That's right this isn't your typical Thor and that has never been more apparent than in this gender-swapped costume. Jane Foster takes over the mantel of God of Thunder in the upcoming movie Thor: Love and Thunder. Taking cues from the costumes before, this garment also draws inspiration from Nordic Viking design. It is one of the most finely handcrafted outfits to date, made from high-quality materials. An eye-popping chest plate is the focal point to this piece which features ornate swirling designs throughout creating an armored appearance. Attached at the shoulders is the signature red floor-length cape often sported by Thor himself. A robust brown leather belt is adorned with four silver circular details and attached to this are long pieces of fabric forming a segmented skirt. Black leather weaves throughout this suit and creates an under-layer to the garment which can be found in the torso and legs. Perforated leather straps wrap around the lower part of the legs giving extra dimension to the design. A pair of silver shoes feature a set of wings creating a whimsical look. Two armguards add extra protection while fighting fearsome foes on both Midgar and Asgard.

Thor: Love and Thunder Thor Cosplay Costume C00986

Feel the fury in the God of Thunder's latest ensemble from the motion picture Thor: Love and Thunder. It's no wonder why Thor is known as the mightiest Avenger. His costume is reminiscent of a Viking warrior and his legend comes from that of Norse mythology. This look is an updated version of previous iterations last seen on screen with a stronger focus on bold primary colors and geometric lines and patterns. This is a very detailed costume made from high-quality materials. A form-fitting pleather vest is the focal point of this garment and features sculpted muscles throughout. Six silver circular details run down the front and stand out against the blue and gold torso. The vest extends down forming a pleated kilt on the bottom. A pair of spandex tights lay under the kilt covering the wearer's legs while two knee-high boot covers are detailed with shimmering gold designs that extend up the legs. Matching armguards sit comfortably on the forearms adding protection when battling extraterrestrial enemies. A red cloak hangs dramatically off the shoulders and is secured in place with two Velcro straps on each side. The entire costume is both functional as battle gear for a warrior and fittingly regal enough for Asgardian royalty.
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