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AKB0048 Yuko Oshima Cosplay Costume Y-0883-3

AKB0048 Yuko Oshima Cosplay comes in the market with great pomp and show and everyone wish to grab this amazing attire. Well, it is unbelievable! And no one expects it to be the perfect attire for any occasion, it made me even more delighted. As far as my costume is concerned it is the perfect one, size, fitting, color and other accessories are all perfect, especially back of my costumes urged me to love this more and more plus its quality is also great .I am damn sure from this purchase I have become their regular customer, I never write a review for anyone but their service and product urged me to write a review for them!

Alice in the Country of Hearts Alice Cosplay Costume y-0769

Accessories: 5 sets, hairpin, dresses, aprons, bow, wristband[br] Product material: uniform cloth,leather,lace[br] Apparel Gender: female[br] Size: 8 yards from 2XS-3XL

Alice: Madness Returns Alice straitjacket Cosplay Costume Y-0761 mp000452

The straitjacket is Alice’s dress in Rutledge Asylum after her return. During this time, Alice looks tired and without complexion.Dress up and cosplay this special white dress as an impressive Alice. Rib Knit Fabric weaves into an attractive white dress reaching the calves, with one shoulder dropping down only if you wish to keep it that way. A dark brown belt contrasts beautifully and is used to tie up the front to raise the shoulder of the dress; tying is done in a zigzag manner. The belt is of leather material and gives the aura of intense fashion when paired up with the light fabric. The omega pendant for the necklace completes the character to its entirety.

Alice: Madness Returns Late But Lucky Dress Cosplay Costume y-0361 mp000381

This dress is designed by taking inspiration from white rabbit used by a character in Madness Returns. The dress in game effect is the imbued power of the Shrinking Violets that constantly regenerated her health. The Cosplay that combines the two characters does so by topping the dress with a black hat that has long brown rabbit ears extending from the sides and gloves that have golden claws. A red coloured leather jacket is worn over a full sleeved white shirt that is heavily adorned by a pink cravat and yellow vest, both satin in material. A brown bow complements the posterior, while the brown hairy shoes simulate the paws. Cotton spats and the famous Alice omega necklace are also available alongside the costume.

Alice: Madness Returns London Dress for Cosplay mp000293

Compare with the wonderland, Alice appears dirty and dull in reality. She dislikes the world which is polluted and lifeless. London dress which she wears in the real life used dull colors to emphasize this. The real world Alice personified in dress takes upon a much dull colour scheme, centered mostly on white and black only. The shirt is white with full sleeves and black zebra stripes all over it, worn over black plain skirt, with a white apron covering most of the front. The back shows off a large white simple bow. Black stockings made of cotton add further to the simplicity. The rest of the dress is made of Knit Fabric to disallow fancy looks. A silver necklace with a silver omega pendant dangles around the neck to complete the character.

Alice: Madness Returns Misstitched Dress Cosplay Costume Y-0497 mp000492

Dress yourself up in this colorful dress! The Misstitched Dress is the final dress that Alice wore in Alice Madness Returns and is based on the appearance of the doll. It reflects the childhood of Alice. With splashes of colour and randomness, the misstitched dress of Alice consists of yellow satin shirt striped with green, over a tartan skirt checked black and white and flaunting a pink satin at the bottom. The striped collar at the top is pink with a green check. The arms are short, puffy, and end at a pink net-like lace, while the junction of the skirt and the shirt is marked by a broad pink lace. From beneath the lace hangs a white apron with two pockets. Stockings, omega necklace and fingerless gloves are also available.

Amnesia Heroine Cosplay Costume For Long

Accessories: 5 sets, jacket, dress, bows, hat, stockings[br] Product material: uniform cloth,thickiy ronior,stretch cotton[br] Apparel Gender: female[br] Size: 8 yards from 2XS-3XL

Amnesia Heroine Cosplay Costume For Shor mp001055t

Amnesia is a series of Japanese visual novels. The game revolves around one main female character that can choose from various characters as a love interest. The heroine of the game is shown as an innocent and shy girl with beautiful features. She became an instant hit among not only Japanese people, but Americans as well as other gamers from around the world. This gave the designers an incentive to create The Amnesia Heroine Cosplay Costume. Consisting of five sets of jacket, hats, bows, stockings and dress, the dress is designed to resemble the original and has all the intricate details shown in the game. The material used stretch cotton, uniform cloth and thickiy Renoir.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Hope Van Dyne Wasp Cosplay Costume mp003928

Your wishes and hopes will certainly come true with this astonishing Hope Van Dyne Wasp costume. The cosplay bundle includes a jumpsuit, a pair of leg guards, a pair of cuffs, one pair of gloves, a pair of shoes and a back strap. The jumpsuit is exquisitely made from a blue, grey, red, silver and taupe pleather. Featuring all the markings of the Wasp including a faux belt, shoulder panel stitching and abdominal markings fastened with a concealed back zip. Panels of the jumpsuit are made from a striking textured material for that added air of authenticity. The costume also contains a back strap made from a white and red PVC and opaque wing detailing. The gloves effortlessly slip under the cuffs of the jumpsuit for full body cover and are seamlessly held in place by removable arm cuffs that are made from a moderately padded multicolor pleather. The shoes and leg guards finish off the look. The round toe wedged heels are made from a matching textured blue pleather and are ankle length for added comfort and mobility while the leg guards, which attach under the sole of the shoe, create that all-in-one seamless jumpsuit look.
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