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Axis Powers Hetalia America Cosplay Plush Doll D-0006

Length:37cm*27cm[br] Material:lint,PE Foam

Yosuga no Sora Rabbit Cosplay Plush Doll D-0007

Length:36cm[br] Material:lint,PE Foam

Date A Live Hand puppets Yoshina Cosplay Plush Doll D-0008

Length:28cm[br] Material:lint,PE Foam

Ore No Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai Octopus bolster Cosplay Plush Doll mp000826

Length:the picture is for reference [br] Material:lint,PE Foam

Gakuen Alice Gloomy Bear Cosplay Plush Doll D-0010

Length:the picture is for reference [br] Material:lint,PE Foam

Vocaloid Lots of laugh Cosplay Plush Doll D-0011

Length:48cm[br] Material:lint,PE Foam

Vocaloid Wudawu Cosplay Plush Doll D-0012

Length:24cm*15[br] Material:lint,PE Foam

Uta no Prince Sama Chick Cosplay Plush Doll D-0015

Length:35cm*27[br] Material:lint,PE Foam

Karneval Niji Cosplay Plush Doll D-0013

Length:24cm*33[br] Material:lint,PE Foam

Karneval Snowman Cosplay Plush Doll D-0016

Length: 36cm[br] Material:lint,PE Foam
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