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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 2022 Shuri Cosplay Costume C07534 Upgraded Version

The most powerful nation in the world has suffered an incredible loss with the passing of their king and protector T’Challa. However, in his absence rises a new warrior, his sister Shuri! As seen in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Shuri’s costume is very similar in design to her brother’s. As the name would suggest, this super-suit draws inspiration from the panther god that is worshipped by the people of Wakanda and the black panthers of the nation. This is a sleek form-fitting catsuit that is made from the highest-quality materials. That majority of the costume is a single piece black jumpsuit that is broken up by areas of silver and gold detailing. The details are reminiscent of tribal markings which adds to the costume’s African aesthetic. Metallic silver and gold latex shapes sharply move around the suit giving the ensemble an edgy look while also giving it visible dimension. A pair of matching gloves feature cat-like claws on each of the fingers and a set of pleather arm guards wrap around the elbows adding protection while defending the Wakanda nation! An optional set of knee-high boots feature the same details and markings seen throughout the rest of the suit. Tying the entire costume together is Black Panther’s signature mask. Unmistakable from any other, this mask is soft latex with two eye holes cut out for visibility. Two pointed ears stick out of the top and a feline nose is in the font. In addition to the sharp markings on the mask are a series of small dots that run down the forehead emphasizing even more it’s African inspiration!
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