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For those who know RWBY, the Cosplay of Adam will make them swoon. A smartly fitting coat over a red shirt has a random flame-like design etched over the left shoulder. Beneath are straight pants that fan out to form a mild flapper-like design. Both are of jet black colour. Complemented by the perfect red short-haired wig, the dress is just perfect for anyone impersonating Adam. Oh and you really want to get into the character? Buy the red and black swords and bizarre weapons that the character uses to get into the mood.

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RWBY Adam Taurus Cosplay Costume mp000788

Adam is the first male character appeared in RWBY. His brown hair dyed with red streaks and the noticeable mask impressed everyone. To become Adam includes a long-sleeved black coat with red design and white pattern on the left side of the shoulder and have a large emblem on the back, with a white tulip design covered by a red rose design, a sleeveless red under shirt, a long black pants. And you need to fasten a black breechcloth with red design and a leather belt with cool rivets. Adam’s iconic white mask which he always wears is made of PU leather with Japanese style red design hand-painted on it. A pair of black gloves with red symbol made of stretch cotton which suits anyone. The full set of costume is made of uniform cloth, which can keep the style easily. And the design on the cloth is leather which looks clear and cool. Put on this costume you could be Adam immediately!
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