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She-Hulk Daredevil Matt Murdock Cosplay Costume C07537

The Man Without Fear has undergone some costume changes as he has transitioned into the MCU. As seen in the series “She-Hulk,” Daredevil has swapped out his typical bright red color scheme in favor of a yellow and maroon pallet. This stealthy super-suit retains the signature silhouette of the character as seen in the horned helmet. Made of a soft pleather, the helmet and mask are mostly yellow with silver detailing found throughout. A pair of eye holes make visibility easy while keeping the wearer’s identity a secret. The base layer to this outfit is a single piece jumpsuit made of a variety of colors and high-quality materials. It is a multilayered piece with reflective stripes running up the arms, knees, and leg pads. An armored style vest sits over the jumpsuit via two straps on the sides and a belt around the waist. It is adorned with padding giving it the appearance of muscles. A pair of matching gloves are accentuated by a set of silver wrist guards and a club holster wraps securely around one of the legs. You’ll have no fear wearing this intimidating colorful costume.
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