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Ant-Man and the Wasp Scott Edward Harris Lang Cosplay Costume mp003983

If you want to follow in the minute yet mighty footsteps of Scott Lang costume then this is the cosplay costume for you. Skillfully crafted from a quality mix of pleather, spandex and a knitted mesh, this outfit will provide you with comfort, durability and likeness to that of this miniature hero. The entire costume consists of the jumpsuit, vest, shoes, gloves, cuffs, waist bag, back accessories and the helmet so you can be guaranteed to be fully kitted out by making this one purchase. The striking silver helmet, with red tinted eye panels and meticulous markings, is crafted from a stunning metallic resin. Please note that the helmet circumference is 58cm and the diameter is 26cm, and whilst we anticipate this should fit most people, please ensure that the measurements will be appropriate for you. The jumpsuit is made from a quality burgundy and black pleather, fastened by a back zip and punctuated with a knitted mesh to allow your body more room to move. The stitch work on this jumpsuit is second-to-none providing you with quality robust seams - so this cosplay investment will ensure you flawless wear for countless uses. The jumpsuit is completed with stunning silver studding on the chest and splashes of eye-catching silver detailing intermittently across the costume. The outfit also consists of a weapons vest and belt in a prominent silver. The belt clasps together with the Ant Man emblem as the buckle and contains two pouches for any necessary accessories you would like to tote around. The arm guards are also made of a similar silver material with clasp attachments and full-cover black gloves with metallic silver detailing finish off the main elements of the costume. The shoes are an optional component to this package and are crafted from a sturdy black pleather and rubber blend with stitch detailing. You won’t have to worry about shrinking into the background in this amazing Antman attire!

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Kang the Conqueror Cosplay Costume C07427

Introducing the Kang, the Conqueror Cosplay Costume, inspired by the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania film. This meticulously crafted costume will instantly transform you into the fearsome Kang, ready to rule the universe. The centerpiece of this costume is the sleek jumpsuit made with high-quality pleather material. It fits snugly to the body and features intricate detailing to replicate Kang's intimidating appearance. The jumpsuit ensures both comfort and mobility, allowing you to unleash your inner conqueror. To add depth and authenticity to the ensemble, the costume includes a vest, cape, and cloak. These additional layers elevate the overall look, capturing Kang's regal and powerful persona. The vest seamlessly integrates with the jumpsuit, while the cape and cloak cascade gracefully, mirroring Kang's iconic style. For enhanced protection, this costume comes with armor featuring a collar and a breastplate. Crafted from durable EVA foam and resin, this armor adds an extra layer of realism to your cosplay. Immerse yourself in Kang's world with this exquisitely designed armor. To complete the ensemble, the costume also includes essential accessories such as a bag, girdle, armguards, and gloves. These carefully crafted pieces perfectly complement the overall outfit and ensure every detail is captured authentically. This Kang, the Conqueror Cosplay Costume is crafted from a combination of premium materials, including pleather, knit fabric, EVA foam, and resin. These materials are specifically chosen for their durability, comfort, and ability to accurately replicate the character's outfit. Whether you're attending a cosplay event, a comic-con, or simply want to embody the powerful Kang, this exquisite costume is a must-have. With its exceptional attention to detail, top-notch craftsmanship, and high-quality materials, the Kang, the Conqueror Cosplay Costume will bring your favorite villain to life like never before.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Scott Lang Cosplay Costume C07235 New Version

The size defying Avenger is back with an updated suit that’s sleeker and more streamlined than ever before! Scott Lang is no stranger to incredibly small, exotic locations and what better way to reflect that than a costume that is truly out of this world. This Quantum Realm crusader is decked out in a striking red and black ensemble with hints of silver seen throughout. Made from high-quality materials the suit is hand-crafted to perfection! The base layer to the costume is a form-fitting pleather jumpsuit that features a series of stripes and lines throughout. Fitting securely over the top is a pleather vest. The vest itself zips up the back, forming a collar around the neck. All Ant-Man’s signature details and symbols can be found on the vest, including a circular emblem in the center of the chest. A series of gauntlets and knee and arm guards give the ensemble an armored appearance, and a removable pack on the back adds dimension to the suit. An eye-catching belt wraps around the waist and features red and silver detailing throughout. A pair of black pleather gloves are the perfect match to the optional knee-high boots. Also available for purchase is Ant-Man’s signature helmet. The metallic silver sheen of the helmet is contrasted by two vertical red stripes and a translucent visor. The breathing apparatus comes together over the mouth and two antennas stick out on either side.
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