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Evelynn is usually a purple demon lady who runs amok in a shadow form, out of sight of enemies, and then pops out of nowhere to assassinate them. Her lore is centered around being a succubus. That being said, her K/DA counterpart is a diva, and her romantic partners tend to go missing. Her real-life counterpart is Madison Beer, an American singer who has 11 million Instagram followers.



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League of Legends LOL KDA Evelynn Cosplay Costume mp004222

Evelynn, the purple demon diva is known for being a sneaky and seductive succubus and her Procosplay costume is designed to be as authentically unique as her! As a demon she is constantly in search of her next victim and they invariably succumb to her charms. Just one purchase will bag you all you need to replicate this sensationally stylish singer. The kit includes a black patent bralette which secures around the neck, a bandeau style off-shoulder pink faux-fur wrap, a black patent skirt with gold detailing, a pair of pink and black mesh sleeves with pink fur fringing, two gold effect bracelets, earphones, three gold colored necklaces, and her distinctive glove with fierce golden claws. Her purple wig can be purchased separately from our site. If, like Evelynn, you want to torture your fellow cosplay friends with your beguiling looks, then Procosplay has all you need to replicate the perfect Evelynn.
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