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Now available to the diehard fans out there, the Weiss Schnee costume and shoes have been put on display for sale at the RWBY collections. The Cosplay imitates the original attire worn when the lead character sings the famous rhyme of “Mirror Mirror”. The dress has been fancied with a glittery-bordered jacket over a short blue and white frock. Long blue and white boots with silver laces have also been put on sale, together with the imitation of the weapon used. The weapon is a variant of a cross bow.

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RWBY Weiss Schnee Cosplay Costume mp000677

Weiss Schnee is one of the main characters of the RWBY. She has a flashback of a fight against Giant Armor with her weapon Muti Action Dust Rapier named Myrtenaster. This full set of costume originated from it, consist of a light blue and white skirt with a piece of black lace making up the neckline of the dress, and a similarly color bolero jacket. The inside of the bolero is red and the sleeves turns to be light blue as they get closer to the waist. Back of the bolero is a symbol of a snowflake, which is hand made by PU leather. Besides, here is a light blue waistband used to fasten the silver PU leather bag. The dress is made of chiffon while the snowflake and the bag is PU leather. Wearing this dress you would be exactly the Weiss Schnee. And if you order this we could offer a black drop shape of pendant as for present.
$79.00 $71.10
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