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From Old to New, Happy Sharing!


🎃Continue to bring love and joy to pass infinitely🌳💌🤝

Recent years we have seen many changes in our environment due to the economic effects of the epidemic and mask use. Whether it is Marine debris in the sea or deforestation, it has brought scars and disasters to the earth🌎.

So we are doing a charity event! Donate the cosplay costumes that have brought you joy in the past at a welfare home or recycling depot, and show us the relevant recycling information! We will give you a 10% off coupon, and you will receive another 15% off coupon after you purchase a new cosplay (this 15% discount can be used from February to July 2024)! Plus, we will give away gift cards worth $10-$30🎁to 10-30 fans who join this charity event!

The cosplay costume that once accompanied you has brought you happiness. Hope this happiness that once brought you joy can be shared infinitely, so that others in need can enjoy this happiness, too! It is a simple action that will help to create an environmentally friendly planet💚and bring happiness to those in need!


Your costume donation information can be shared with us in one of the following ways:

- Send us an email at [email protected]
- Share it at our official Discord group: procosplayclub (page#procosplaychat)
- Send us a DM on Instagram(@procosplay_official) or Facebook(@ProCosplay)






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