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Will The Bleach end in 2012

Bleach is one of the super hit cartoons or comic show on the television from last few years. The comics have their own relevant importance. It is easy for the cartoon characters to develop some sort of attraction in the mind-set of children as well as adults. These cute face cartoon characters teach children about the good and bad in their own way. As far as Bleach is concerned, it was the massive hit which changes the attitudes of children and adults rapidly. However, there are some rumors that this cartoon or comic show will come to an end in the year 2012.

Bleach Cosplay Costumes

The main reason behind the success of Bleach is Cosplay. Cosplay can be defined as the costume or Cosplay Costume. The success of any cartoon character is mainly behind the success of their costumes. Same is the case with the Bleach. Bleach's costumes or Cosplay costumes gain a lot of popularity all over the world, especially in Japan, Korea and China. These costumes break the record of fancy dress sales and children utilized theses Cosplay costumes to express their feelings towards the cartoon or comic characters. This attraction of children towards the Bleach shows that children love the character so much.

The rumors or news about the ending of the series of Bleach is disturbing the followers of this cartoon character. Bleach and Naruto are the two most liked comic characters these days. Therefore, in these circumstances, it looks odd to stop the publications of these characters. These characters are the part of million people's daily life. However, it is important to state that recent news and statement are showing that this cartoon character, Bleach, is ultimately coming to an unwanted end. This action of the authorities can damage their revenue and clientage rapidly. Moreover, some newspapers and television channels are saying that Bleach is going to end soon, but Naruto will remain constant.

Naruto is another cartoon or comic character as famous as Bleach. However, the behavior and attitude of this character are entirely different from Bleach. However, it is very important to state that  costumes of Naruto are as famous as the costumes of Bleach. Moreover, it is highly probable that you may witness any girl or kid wearing the Naruto Costumes at railway station, airport or even at bus stands. By observing these individuals you can say that there are millions of people who dress up like Naruto to express their love for the cartoon character and the thoughts of that cartoon character.

 Naruto kakashi cosplay costumes

The end of the cartoon character Bleach is not an end of the era. It is highly probable that the cartoon character may return with the massive advertisement and gain larger attention of the followers. To ending up the character like this can create problems for the concerning company who is generating profits from the products of that character. This decline in the profits can force the management to introduce Bleach as Bleach returns or even Bleach part two.


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5/8/2012 1:03 PM
Bleach is great :D ! I hope it wont end any time soon! nice blog!
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