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Get Sword Art Online Cosplay Idea-interview with cosplayer Yosuke Sora

Interview with cosplayer Yosuke Sora -

Sword Art Online Cosplay

Meet Yosuke Sora, a cosplayer from Singapore. Yosuke has cosplayed characters such as Gintoki from Gintama, Len Kagamine from Vocaloid and Midorima Shintaro from Kuroko no Basuke. He has also crossplayed Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid. Yosuke's cosplay of Kirito from Sword Art Online is simply amazing. Read on to find out more about him!

Biography :-

Name - Yosuke Sora
Place - Singapore
Favourite Anime - Gintama

1) Could you introduce yourself to the readers?

Yosuke Sora :-
Hello everyone! I am a cosplayer from Singapore whom started cosplaying at Anime Festival Asia Singapore. 2011. As for myself, I am really glad to have discovered this activity. Cosplaying has not only widened my social-circle, it had also given me a chance to dress up as my favorite characters from various anime/ game series. I am currently persuading my interest towards the arts as a student in a local art institute. I have never expected that I would become a cosplayer and hop into the shoes of so many characters!

2) When did you realize your love for cosplaying and for how long have you been cosplaying?

Yosuke Sora :-
After being introduced to so many anime and manga, I have actually discovered this activity known as osplaying through a friend抯 friend. I started stalking her and eventually adding her on facebook, hoping that she would share her experiences with me. Besides being a creepy stalker (LOL), I did research on my own free time, and also visited events around Singapore before I decided to attempt a cosplay of my favourite character from D.Gray-Man, Kanda Yuu. The first experience in cosplaying was fun yet pressuring since I was new to this community and I didn't even know how to apply cosmetics nor even style/ wear a wig!
Just like as mentioned above, I have been an active cosplayer for an estimation of 1+ years? (November 2011 till today~)

Sword Art Online Cosplay

3) Why did you choose to cosplay Kirito?

Yosuke Sora :-
I have always had an interest towards action anime, when the first episode Sword Art Online anime was available, I went to watch it without hesitation and eventually found a strong liking for the series! Kirito was my favourite character from SAO and I decided to cosplay it at Anime Festival Asia 2012.

4) Could you give the readers some tips on cosplaying Kirito?

Yosuke Sora :-
Theres nothing much to share, but character feel and accuracy is important in my opinion. Kirito is portrayed to be an rdinary-boy? whom got trapped in a game and his personally isn't too quiet nor too insane, therefore keeping in character would be a pretty good start for all who are interested in cosplaing Kirito. Besides the character feel, I think costume accuracy is also important. I bought my costume online and selected the more accurate one as I did not have confidence to tailor one myself, Kirito抯 swords Elucidator and Dark Repulsor were self made since I couldn't find any that I liked for sale haha. Still trying to improve my Kirito Cosplay though.

5) Which character do you love cosplaying the most?

Yosuke Sora :-
After cosplaying many characters that fall under different anime genres, each having different personality, I think my most enjoyable experience was to cosplay Midorima Shintaro from Kuroko no Basuke. I prefer to cosplay characters that aren't too child as I feel that wont be able to portray them well.

6) Do you have any favourite cosplayers that you admire and get inspired by?

Yosuke Sora :-
I have a few cosplayers that I look up to such as Kuryu and Reika from Japan. Reika has done many complicated costumes and props, I am always looking forward to more updates and awesome photos of her cosplay from her, in a sense it has also inspired me to improve my sewing skills and prop making skills XD.

7) How does cosplaying make you feel?

Yosuke Sora :-
I am still me afterall, but just portraying a character. It doesn't really make me feel special among everyone but instead, I feel that by cosplaying, I am just doing what I enjoy to do. Cosplaying is both money and time consuming after all, it does make me feel broke day by day LOL. (jobless student $.$)

8) Do you see yourself cosplaying in 10 years?

Yosuke Sora :-
If possible, I would willingly continue to cosplay even after 10 years!

Sword Art Online Cosplay

9) Any piece of advice for the cosplay virgins out there?

Yosuke Sora :-
Cosplaying has never been about getting famous but doing what you really enjoy to. Do lots of research and planning before you cosplay any specific characters. Accept both praises and criticisms, learn from other cosplayers and also share with one another. Support from one another is always important to boost self confidence~ With that, enjoy the process and make new friends!

You can see much more of his work on his deviantart, Facebook and WorldCosplay

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