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All the Bleach Cosplay Costumes on our Bleach Cosplay Store are tailor-made costume. Provide all kinds of high quality and low price costume for bleach cosplayer. We promise that you can enjoy our service with the good Outfits in your own measurement.

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Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo Mask For Sale mp000167


Buy Bleach Matsumoto Rangiku Cosplay Costume Online Shop mp000493

Accessories: 8 sets, Black kimono, white kimonos, kendo pants, belts, bows, scarves, necklaces, Wooden plaque[br] Product material: cotton[br] Apparel Gender: Women[br] Size: 8 yards from 2XS-3XL

Bleach Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck Cosplay Wig 068A mp002604

Model Number:COS-068A[br] Length:80cm[br] Weight:300g[br] Material:Synthetic Hair[br] Cosplay Role:Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck[br] Color:blue

New Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Banka Cosplay Costumes mp000377

Ichigo is the leading character of this animated series and he is deployed to patrol the city. He is a young 15 year old boy with orange hair, brown eyes and peach skin having a strong character wearing a fabulous outfit that really attracts the youngsters.It is elegant black and white attire comprises of 8 sets including Kimono jacket, Kendo pants, kimono underwear, belts, gloves, shoes, socks, mask. It is manufactured with elite quality cotton and uniform cloth giving a perfect Ichigo looks. His muscular strong body enhances the looks and beauty of this costume thus, encouraging young boys to have it. Interestingly,Ichigokurosakibankacosplay costume is available in all sizes.

New Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Banka Cosplay Costumes Outfits C00221

Accessories: 8 sets, Kimono jacket, Kendo pants, kimono underwear, belts, gloves, shoes, socks, mask[br] Product material: cotton, uniform cloth[br] Apparel Gender: male[br] Size: 8 yards from 2XS-3XL

Bleach Katen Kyokotsu Cosplay Wig mp004034

Model Number:COS-043H[br] Length:60cm[br] Weight:250g[br] Material:Synthetic Hair[br] Cosplay Role:Katen Kyokotsu[br] Color:purple

Bleach Arrancar Espada Cosplay Boots Shoes PRO-097

Model Number:PRO-097[br] Material:matt leather[br] Gender:male[br] Color:black
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